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Travel Agent Self Service
Advanced Seat Reservation Policy (20 Aug 17)
Advanced Seat Reservation Policy FAQ (20 Aug 2017)
Group Travel
Group Ticket Request
Group Travel Procedures
Group Check-in at Dubai International Airport
Group Travel - Memorandum of Understanding
Baggage Allowance Calculator
What is the baggage policy for Africa?
Visa & Passport Information
Travel authorisation for the United States
Emirates Visas Services
GDS Policy
GDS Origin-Destination (OD) Abuse - New Policy Effective 16 July 2018
Emirates reservations system
Delays and Disruptions
Working Within a PNR
Married Segment Logic (MSL)
Misuse of Married Segment Logic and Raising ADM
Post-dating or advancing the complete itinerary
Frequently Asked Questions
UK Nett Contract Information 2018-19
Revised Tax Code for Date Change and Reissue Fees
Advice of Conditions to Passengers
Chauffeur-drive Service
Codeshare Agreements
Customer Affairs Issues
Contract Changes
Duplicate Bookings
GDS and CAT35 Issue Reporting
Incomplete Itineraries
Key Contacts
Medical Services
Mixed Class Reservations
Name Correction Policy - Updated 18 Jan 2018
No Show Policy
Non-availability of Premium Class Seats
Offloading Customers Who Have Checked-in Online
Passenger Definitions
Recommended Selling Price (RSP)
Seasonal and Discontinued Services
Schedule Changes
STPC Policy
Sub-agent Bookings
Terms of Sale
Travel Dates out of System Range
UK Add-ons and Interline Sector Fares
Waitlists and Passive Segments
Fare Branding FAQs
Policies and Procedures
ADM Policy
Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS)
Agent Discounted Travel
Blocked Funds
Emirates Ticketing Plate
Children and Parents/Guardian Travelling in a Different Class
Denied Boarding Compensation
Disruption Handling
Emirates and Qantas Procedures
Extra Seat
Infant Becoming a Child
Issuing Other Carriers’ Flights on Emirates Tickets
Medical Service
Unaccompanied Minors
Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)
Local News